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KH Fitness

Get to know our fitness studio

Here is where fitness becomes a lifestyle.

We are a brand new independent facility in

South Derbyshire that strives to provide the highest quality in our wide range of services, including personal training, group training and athletic development. When you become a client or member at KH Fitness you are making that all important step into a better life.

We aim to provide a personal experience and a safe environment for you to train in, operating on a bookings only policy.

What separates us from the big chain gyms is that we give you more accountability and provide a great training structure that gives you more rewarding training sessions with the highest chance of results.

Kieran Hatfield

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

I started personal training under the name KH Fitness in 2014, at first renting other gym spaces and gradually growing my business into what it is today. My love and passion for sport and fitness is what made me want to become a personal trainer as well as my desire to help those wanting to make a healthy and positive change to their life.

In 2019 I founded KH Fitness Studio in order to create something that was more than a gym, it's an environment that's welcoming to all people that are given the proper guidance they need towards any goal they desire with the best service possible.

My style of training is based around functional movement, strength and conditioning which can be seen throughout the services we provide here. I focus on my efforts on 3 key components ... training, nutrition, recovery, that's my philosophy.

As well as training people in health and fitness I also train people in athletic development, including some athletes at a professional level.


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KH Fitness

Sharpes Indst Est,

Alexandra Road, Swadlincote, United Kingdom

DE11 9AZ

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